From Homer Simpson to 50Fitty

Vizcab started as my design business doing branding, digital, and print for well-known clients (Visa, Apple, Disney, The Simpsons, Dolby), startups in Silicon Valley, a few California wineries, plus designs for my own book writing business.


But something wasn’t right.


Eight years ago, I suffered weight gain, plantar fascitis, fatigue, hypothyroidism, and what I later learned was an autoimmune disease. My doctors kept advising and prescribing as I got worse.

On February 5th, 2013 I made my 'self' my 'client'.

Like generals burning their boats upon invading a foreign land, I told everyone I knew, 'I'm going lose 50 pounds in 50 weeks' and I posted a picture of my fat self in my underwear on the web. I was going to design myself to better health.

For 50 weeks, I designed charts of my progress and blood work. I photographed everything I ate. I learned to cook. I read voraciously from the wellness community on Twitter.


The 50Fitty Project is pure UX design. You move quickly. Try different things. Measure. Test to see what works. Repeat.


My client was very happy.
Using mostly low-carb and intermittent fasting I've defied the odds by keeping to a normal weight for 7 years.

With a renewed purpose in life, I've dedicated my design business to helping clients help people be well.

We have a team that can help you with branding, logos, book design, slide decks, information graphics, websites, packaging, video production, animation, social media, and promos.

We have health and wellness insights you just won't find in a typical design agency.

A nimble team feels like family.

Kiki is an entrepreneur and photographer with impeccable taste, a nose for wine, and a can-do spirit.

Don ran technology for one of the largest retailers in the US.

Josh is a site reliability engineer.

Tom runs on Java.

Lisa has all hands on slide decks.

Together with three dogs, we deliver world-class talent, dependability, and healthy juju.

Michael Rowley
Creative Director
Kiki Johnson
Creative & Photography
Don Rowley
Business Strategy & Technology
Brand Ambassador
Josh Rowley
Software Engineer
Chief Charming Officer
Lisa Rowley
Presentation Designer
Thom Wise
Web Developer

Wellness done well

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